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1st Pareto Principle for Webcams: "Today, 30% of the models earn 70% of models' income!"
What does it mean? It means that not only the best models earn more than the others, but they earn the biggest part of the money spent by the customers on the webcam & porn sites!

2nd Pareto Principle for Models: "Tomorrow, 3% of the models will earn 97% of models' income!"
Translation: Very soon, JUST A FEW of the models will make ALMOST ALL!!! :) Is like the lyrics "The poor are getting poorer, while the rich, are getting richer!" from Santana, a newer version of Abba's "The Winner takes it ALL"! The amateur models, will have to search for a(nother) job!

Those of you who are in this business for more years, as models, affiliates, webmasters, studios, model trainers, probably have noticed the decrease in models' earnings, especially for those who do it "old school"...And if you think that "maybe it's just you", than by having a look on many big sites, you see many very good models, good from all points of view, that are actually "begging" for some tips or a private show, when just a few years before, they were making easily, hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day!

What happened?

Well, everybody knows "the classic answer": Crisis = the customers are spending less on cams & porn! But if we go deeper (and we love to do it!), the "nightmare" is even WORSE:
- How many of you speak about the fierce competition of the New Models? Crisis also "convinced" more new models to enter in this business, and many of them, beside having very good internet connection and image, powerful computers, they are 18-25 years old (not that the age is so important, but...), they are fluent in English or even native, and (sometimes) know about sex more than their mothers...:) We see many times models of 18-19 years old who become "Top Models" in a few WEEKS, when before, this took years to other models.
- The customers' Infidelity is part of the game (in fact, many customers are "happily married" or in "solid relationships"), and is higher than in any business! Is not like in the "mobiles war" where there are a few big companies that share the market and some customers would even sell a kidney to be able to buy the latest Apple iPhone.

So, a part of the solution, we've already suggested it: Be "the Apple of cams or porn" if you want to have success in the new era! Learn from their marketing, launches and philosophy! And last, but not least -> Don't forget the most important ingredient: Passion!

In the Age of Social Networks & Viral marketing, a GOOD Model, should only increase her/his earnings! If your revenues stagnate or decrease, than you are definately doing something wrong!

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